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Deposit Area 1111 - 037
(Last updated 16.mai.2006)

Name of Deposit Area : Urdal
(Object Id : 1111,037,00,00)

County : Rogaland (11) Municipality : Sokndal (1111)
Map 1:50000: Sokndal (1311-4) Map 1:250000: Mandal
Marking point: Longitude: 6.2579500 Latitude: 58.3760820
EU89-UTM Zone 32 (Coordinates IS confirmed)
X-coord: 339650 m. Y-coord: 6473849 m.

Main Type: Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W) Sub Type: Nickel
Element(s): Ni Cu

Public: Little Importance (reg. 18.02.2015)
Economical: Minor interest

Era: Proterozoic Period: Neoproterozoic
Dating: Method:
Genesis: Orthomagmatic formation Form:
Main texture: Min. distribution:
Main grain size: Main alteration:
Strike/Dip: Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Proterozoic Period: Neoproterozoic
Province: South Norwegian Basement Province
Geotec.unit: Agder Complex
Tectonic complex:
Igneous complex: Egersund Anorthosite Complex
Group: Formation:

Information(s) in free text format
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Located in the Helleren anorthosite about 100 m west of its contact with the Eia-Rekefjord intrusion. Heavily overgrown dyke-like sulfide body exploited at two locations few tens of meters apart. Possibly associated with a norite dyke??

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