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(database for drill cores stored at Løkken in Orkdal).
Borehole no. 115F
in Drill Area :Charlotta
Area no. :NO0512 in Municipality Fauske (1841) in County :Nordland (18)
(Code characterizing the objective of the drilling :MALM)

Location of borehole
Map 1:50000: Map 1:250000:
Marking point: Longitude: Latitude:
X-coord: Y-coord:
Borehole data
Direction: Dip:
Length: m. Core stored: 20 m.
Diameter: mm. Year of drilling.:
NGU-Report no.: Other Reports:
Measuring-in: Deviation survey:

About the Drill core
Core log exist: Photo of core:
Storage Decks: S60.7
Comment: Typeprøver fra Charlotta II gruve, Se S.31.2

Storage Information
Box no. Storage Deck Interval Comments
9 S60.7 80-90
18 S60.7 170-180 Typerprøver

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