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(database for drill cores stored at Løkken in Orkdal).
Drilling area OFFERSØY
Area no.:NO0116 in municipality Alstahaug (1820), County :Nordland (18)
(Code characterizing the objective of the drilling :NATURSTEIN)

Borehole Core
no. Year Length stored Contractor Comments
OF-97-01 1997 310.0 m. 310.0 m.
OF-97-02 1997 90.0 m. 90.0 m.
OF-98-03 1998 230.0 m. 230.0 m.
OF-98-04 1998 260.0 m. 260.0 m.
OF-98-05 1998 292.0 m. 292.0 m.

No. of boreholes: 5 Sum: 1182.0 m. Sum: 1182.0 m.

Deposits within the Drilling Area OFFERSØY.

From the Natural Stone Database.
number Name Importance Resource type
1820. 604 Bonholmen Could be significant Marble and limestone

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