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From the Ore database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
006644 Baserud Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006639 Fagerås Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006640 Fossum Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006643 Krok Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006638 Langerud Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006636 Lunde Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
012667 Romsås Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006642 Vestby Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
006658 Molle Not Assessed Base metals (Cu,Zn,Pb,Fe sulphides, As,Sb,Bi,Sn)

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From the Industrial mineral database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
008885 Gislingrud Little Importance Feldspar
008881 Haga Little Importance Feldspar
008873 Katralen Little Importance Feldspar
008897 Knoll Little Importance Feldspar
008896 Krossby Little Importance Feldspar
008889 Kviserud Little Importance Feldspar
008886 Laslett Little Importance Feldspar
008919 Lundeby Little Importance Feldspar
008872 Maseng Little Importance Feldspar
008891 Olberg Little Importance Mica minerals
008899 Pengerud Little Importance Feldspar
008901 Tutturen Little Importance Feldspar
008880 Ås Little Importance Feldspar
008866 Elverød Not Assessed Feldspar
008876 Frosterud Not Assessed Feldspar
008888 Høytorp Not Assessed Feldspar
008874 Kampenes Not Assessed Feldspar
008890 Kleiva Not Assessed Feldspar
008869 Nybråten Not Assessed Feldspar
008871 Oraug Not Assessed Feldspar
008867 Rom Not Assessed Feldspar
008870 Skjoldvangen Not Assessed Feldspar
008887 Skofterud Not Assessed Feldspar
008868 Stenbøl Not Assessed Feldspar
008875 Torkelsrudåsen Not Assessed Feldspar
008922 Ådal Not Assessed Feldspar

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From the Natural stone database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
009976 Mastadtjern Little Importance Slate and schist

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