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Deposit Area 437 - 054
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Name of Deposit Area : Nedre Vardtjønnbekken
(Object Id : 0437,054,00,00)

County : Hedmark (04) Municipality : Tynset (0437)
Map 1:50000: Tynset (1619-1) Map 1:250000: Røros
Marking point: Longitude: 10.8162520 Latitude: 62.3622880
EU89-UTM Zone 32 (Coordinates IS confirmed)
X-coord: 593989 m. Y-coord: 6915860 m.

Main Type: Base metals (Cu,Zn,Pb,Fe sulphides, As,Sb,Bi,Sn) Sub Type: Sulphides
Element(s): Kis
Activity: Pitting Reserves:
Prod. method: Production:
Prod. status: Volume of dump:

Public: Not Assessed (reg. 20.04.2015)
Economical: Could be significant

Element/product Crude ore grade or quality

From - To Activity Comments
1986 - 1988 Geology Company/Institution :Terje Bjerkgård, University of Oslo
1987 - 1987 Detail mapping Company/Institution :Terje Bjerkgård, University of Oslo
1998 - 1998 Sampling Company/Institution :NGU

Era: Paleozoic Period: Ordovician
Dating: Method:
Genesis: Volcex Form: Layer
Main texture: Banded Min. distribution: Massive (>50 % ore minerals)
Main grain size: Fine grained (< 1 mm) Main alteration: Chloritisation
Strike/Dip: Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Paleozoic Period: Ordovician
Province: Caledonides
Geotec.unit: Trondheim Nappe Complex
Tectonic complex: Meråker Nappe
Igneous complex:
Group: Fundsjø Group Formation:

Relationship Mineral Amount
Gangue mineral Quartz Major mineral (>10%)
Gangue mineral Amphibole Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Gangue mineral Chlorite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Gangue mineral Sericite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Sphalerite Major mineral (>10%)
Ore mineral Pyrite Major mineral (>10%)
Ore mineral Chalcopyrite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Marcasite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Covellite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Molybdenite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Galena Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Pyrrhotite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Gold Accessory mineral (<1%)

Relationship Rock Origin
Wall rock Chlorite schist Sedimentary
Original rock :Tuffite
Metamorphic facies :Greenschist

Location: Type: Orientation(360 gr.): Relation to min.:
Wall rock Foliation Strike/Dip :40 / 56 Post-mineralisation ;...Effect :Controls

Information(s) in free text format
Free text
Description (from Bjerkgård 1989): The Vardtjønn area is the southernmost and in extent the largest of the mineralized area in the Vingelen District (the others being Vingelen Mine and Nonsvola area). The lithologies in the area comprises felsic metavolcanites of both volcanic and volcanoclastic origin. A number of small post-tectonic trondhjemite bodies and lenses of graphite schist is common. In the west of the area is a larger body of metagabbro. There are eight smaller showings in the area, of which five is associated with a major alteration zone of quartz-sericite schist. This zone has a length of at least 1.2 km and a width of up to 130 m. The Nedre Vardtjønnbekken showing is situated in a thick unit of banded, tuffitic greenschist to the southeast of the unit of felsic metavolcanics. A small hole marks the working, but is without any exposures. The mineralization is however exposed in the creek, where a 70 cm thick zone is found in the greenschist. The zone consists of a 20 cm massive, finegrained and banded pyrite-sphalerite ore, with disseminated pyrite in quartz in the hangingwall and disseminated, fine grained pyrite and sphalerite (c. 40 % sulfides) in chlorite-quartz schist in the footwall followed by chlorite-sericite schist with mainly pyrrhotite further down. Sphalerite and pyrite are the main sulfides, while chalcopyrite is subordinate, typically associated with the pyrite-rich bands. Pyrrhotite, gold, covellite, molybdenite and marcasite is accessory phases in the massive zone, while pyrrhotite, molybdenite and galena is accessories in the richer disseminated zone. Non-sulfides in the massive ore is quartz, chlorite and clinoamphibole. Two analyses of the massive ore yielded 0.5, 1.3 % Cu, 1.5,9.1 % Zn, 0.1-0.3 % Pb, 26, 27 ppm Ag and 9.6, 11.0 ppm Au.

From NGU's Reference Archive:
Bjerkgård, Terje , 1989
Regionalgeologiske undersøkelser i Vingelenfeltet, Nord-Østerdalen, i det sørlige Trondheimsfeltet, med henblikk på sulfidmineraliseringene.
;UiO Geologisk fellesråd;AVHANDLING

Sample No. Sample type Miscellanrous
HE0083.01 Bedrock
Sampler :T. Bjerkgård/...Stored :Løkken/...Size(kg) :3
Comment :Massive pyrite with some chalcopyrite and lesser sphalerite. Sample from upper 5 cm of massive ore zone.
No. of registrated element analyses = 1
HE0083.02 Bedrock
Sampler :T. Bjerkgård/...Stored :Løkken/...Size(kg) :3
Comment :Massive pyrite-sphalerite and lesser chalcopyrite. Sample from lower 7 cm of massive ore zone.
No. of registrated element analyses = 1
NB! All analyse values are shown at the end of the printout.:

Analyse Results
Deposit Area 437 - 054 Nedre Vardtjønnbekken

Element analyses

( *=parts pr. million, #=parts pr.billion, Negative values means below detection limit value.)
Sample No. Sample Type Cu* Zn* Pb* Co* Ni* Ag* Au#
HE0083.01 Bedrock 13015 14526 630 20 26 27.4 10980.0
HE0083.02 Bedrock 4807 90968 3086 4 21 25.7 9586.0
Sample No. Pt# Pd# As* Cd* Ba* Mo* Sb* Bi* V*
HE0083.01 4.0 7.0 92 34.6 2 1.00 -3 -3 11
HE0083.02 -1.0 -1.0 94 176.4 2 18.00 6 11 20
Sample No. Cr* Mn* Fe% Th* U* W* Sr* La* B*
HE0083.01 1 115 34.84 3.00 -8.00 -2 3.0 -1.00 31
HE0083.02 -1 319 34.68 3.00 -8.00 -2 2.0 -1.00 35

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