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Occurence 3024 - 009 Markebekk skjerp 1
(Object Id: 16613)
(Last updated: 19.05.2006)

County: Viken Municipality: Bærum (3024)
Map 1:50000: Asker (1814-1) Map 1:250000: Oslo
Coordinate system: EU89-UTM Zone 32
East: 580192 m. North: 6645715 m.
Longitude: 10.4352300 Latitude: 59.9410460
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Resource Type: Base metals (Cu,Zn,Pb,Fe sulphides, As,Sb,Bi,Sn) Resource Subtype: Zinc
Element(s): Zn Fe Pb Cu
Raw material meaning: Little Importance (reg. 18.02.2015)

Resources and production
Activity: Pitting Reserves:
Operating method: Open pit mining Historical production:

Era: Paleozoic Period: Ordovician
Genesis: Hydrothermal vein Form: Lens
Main texture: Cavity filling Min. distribution: Irregular (scattered)
Main grain size: Medium grained (1-3 mm) Main alteration: Skarn formation
Strike/Dip: 120 / 90 Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Paleozoic Period: Permian
Province: Oslo Region
Tectonic complex:
Igneous complex:
Group: Ringerike grp Formation: Stubdal fm

Relationship Mineral Amount
Gangue mineral Quartz Major mineral (>10%)
Gangue mineral Diopside Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Gangue mineral Epidote Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Gangue mineral Garnet Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Sphalerite Major mineral (>10%)
Ore mineral Pyrite Major mineral (>10%)
Ore mineral Galena Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Chalcopyrite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Tellurobismuthite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Magnetite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Ore mineral Bismuth Accessory mineral (<1%)

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