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From the Ore database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
002693 Holandsfjordbotn i Little Importance Ferrous metals(Fe, Mn, Ti)
002694 Holandsfjordbotn ii Little Importance Ferrous metals(Fe, Mn, Ti)
002695 Rendalsvik Little Importance Energy metals (U,Th)
002692 Glomen Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002691 Lysvatnet Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)

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From the Industrial mineral database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
007465 Rendalsvik National Importance Graphite
015967 Bekknes Little Importance Silica
015968 Bjærangsfjorden Little Importance Silica
007468 Fonndalen Little Importance Olivine
016131 Grønøya midtre Little Importance Mica minerals
007475 Grønøya østre Little Importance Feldspar
007474 Hestøya Little Importance Olivine
015969 Kobbskjæret Little Importance Silica
015970 Korsvik Little Importance Silica
016130 Meløysteinen Little Importance Mica minerals
015971 Namnlausvatnet Little Importance Silica
007467 Rendalsvik glimmergruve Little Importance Mica minerals
007471 Saurlia Little Importance Olivine
015972 Støttvær Little Importance Silica
016128 Ågskardet Little Importance Other industrial minerals
007480 Fykanfjellet Not Assessed Gem stone minerals
015005 Grønøy Not Assessed Olivine
007470 Halsabukta Not Assessed Talc
007684 Hjartfjellet Not Assessed Feldspar
015004 Holmvatn Not Assessed Olivine
015003 Kobbetuva Not Assessed Olivine
007476 Løknes Not Assessed Magnesium minerals
007463 Mefjell Not Assessed Feldspar
007478 Nordfjord Not Assessed Talc
007469 Skålsvikvatnet Not Assessed Carbonates
007473 Vågsbotn Not Assessed Olivine
015006 Ørnes Not Assessed Olivine

Number of deposit areas :


From the Natural stone database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
020964 Kvarset Not Assessed Gneiss
020528 Fykan Little Importance Granite and other igneous rocks

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