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From the Ore database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
002685 Høgsetdalen Little Importance Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002684 Kjøpstad Little Importance Ferrous metals(Fe, Mn, Ti)
002690 Jelset Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002687 Laksådal Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002688 Laksådal Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002689 Opsal Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)
002686 Oterstrand Not Assessed Ferroalloys (Cr,Ni,Co,V,Mo,W)

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From the Industrial mineral database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
007502 Mårnes National Importance Silica
007602 Ertenvågdalen Local Importance Carbonates
007495 Hjellstad Not Assessed Carbonates
007496 Inndyr Not Assessed Carbonates
007498 Lekanger Not Assessed Carbonates
015950 Alten Little Importance Silica
007484 Gjelset Little Importance Silica
015951 Mikkelfjellet Little Importance Silica
007485 Nonshaugen Little Importance Silica
015952 Oppsal Little Importance Silica
007497 Prestegården Little Importance Silica
007493 Sandnes Little Importance Carbonates
015954 Sandviksholman Little Importance Silica
007702 Sokumfjellet Little Importance Other industrial minerals
007482 Storvika Little Importance Graphite
007503 Sørarnøya Little Importance Carbonates
007494 Valle Little Importance Carbonates
007481 Svalvatnet Not Assessed Carbonates

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From the Natural stone database
number Name Importance Raw material Resource type
020961 Ertenvågdal Not Assessed Gneiss
020979 Skauvolldalen Not Assessed Marble and limestone

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