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Occurence 1826 - 318 Svarthammaren
(Object Id: 14997)
(Last updated: 25.02.2004)

County: Nordland Municipality: Aarborte (1826)
Map 1:50000: Krutvatnet (2026-3) Map 1:250000: Mosjøen
Coordinate system: EU89-UTM Zone 33 (Coordinates NOT confirmed)
East: 465399 m. North: 7282999 m.
Longitude: 14.2474450 Latitude: 65.6669930
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Resource Type: Olivine Resource Subtype: Olivine

Raw material meaning: Not Assessed (reg. 18.02.2015)

Genesis: Form:
Main texture: Min. distribution:
Main grain size:
Strike/Dip: Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Period:
Tectonic complex:
Igneous complex:
Group: Formation:

From NGU's Reference Archive:
Stølen, Lars Kr. , 1985
Et geologisk studium av solitære ultramafiske bergarter og omkringliggende metasedimenter og metavulkanitter tilhørende Kølidekkene i Krutådalsområdet, Hattfjelldal, Nordland.
;UiO Geologisk fellesråd;AVHANDLING

Stigh, Jimmy , 1979
Ultramafites and detrial serpentinites in the central and southern parts of the Caledonian Allochthon in Scandinavia.
;Chalmers Tekniska Högskola. Geologiska Institutionen;AVHANDLING;Publikation; No.A 27;222 s. pages
Ultramafic rocks and detrial serpentinites in the central and southern part of the allochthon in Scandinavia have been investigated. The ultramafic bodies consist mainly of peridotites and olivinites, which are more or less serpentinised. Dunites, serpentinites, soapstones, sagvandites, harzburgites, and cortlandites also occur. These ultramafites appear as parts of layered intrusions and as isolated tectonic lenses. The latter are focussed in the present paper; they compose the great majority (>90 %) of the ultramafic rocks in the Scandinavian Caledonides. This category of rocks is referred to here as solitary, primitive ultramafites; being entirely composed of ultramafic material of mantle-like composition. (...)

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