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Occurence 4643 - 008 Blåberget
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County: Vestland Municipality: Årdal (4643)
Map 1:50000: Hurrungane (1517-4) Map 1:250000: Årdal
Coordinate system: EU89-UTM Zone 32
East: 434367 m. North: 6798592 m.
Longitude: 7.7742780 Latitude: 61.3159180
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Resource Type: Base metals (Cu,Zn,Pb,Fe sulphides, As,Sb,Bi,Sn) Resource Subtype: Copper
Element(s): Cu Au
Raw material meaning: Little Importance (reg. 18.02.2015)

Resources and production
Activity: Mining Reserves: 500 thousand tons
Operating method: Underground mining Historical production:

From - To Activity Comments
1702 - 1767 Regular production Company/Institution :Årdal Koparverk

Era: Proterozoic Period: Mesoproterozoic
Genesis: Unknown Form: Irregular
Main texture: Massive Min. distribution: Irregular (scattered)
Main grain size: Medium grained (1-3 mm) Main alteration:
Strike/Dip: Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Proterozoic Period:
Province: Caledonian Basement Province
Geotec.unit: Jotun Nappe Complex
Tectonic complex:
Igneous complex:
Group: Formation:

Relationship Mineral Amount
Ore mineral Bornite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Chalcocite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Ore mineral Chalcopyrite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)

Relationship Rock Origin
Host rock Hornblendite Intrusive
Metamorphic facies :Amphibolite
Host rock Amphibolite Intrusive
Metamorphic facies :Amphibolite
Wall rock Jotunite Intrusive
Metamorphic facies :Amphibolite

Information(s) in free text format
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The Årdal copper deposits are situated along the valley Fardalen to the north of the Øvre Årdal community. The main deposits are Guds Gave and Kongens gruver at Gruvefjellet, Prins Fredrik close to Åsete and Blåbergets gruve at Farnes, close to Øvre Årdal. The deposits were worked intermittently between 1702 to 1734. The extracted ore contained 2.5-6 % Cu, with a gold content of 10 g/t in the product from the smelter. The main copper minerals are bornite, chalcocite and chalcopyrite, which are mainly associated with amphibolitic layers and bands in mangeritic to jotunitic rocks. The mineralizations are at least partly tectonically controlled, related to brecciated rocks in fault or shear zones. One sample from Blåberget, consisting of a collection of dump rocks contained 0.85 ppm Au, 0.2 ppm Pd and > 1 % Cu. Most other samples had much lower metal contents, and it is estimated a resource of 0.5 mill t. of ore with 0.2-0.25 % Cu at Blåberget.

From NGU's Reference Archive:
, 1977
Årdalsområdets kopperforekomster.
;Norges geologiske undersøkelse;FAGRAPPORT;NGU-rapport; No.1560/9D;27 pages
Denne rapport omhandler den malmgeologiske del av en undersøkelse av malmforekomster i Årdalsområdet. Det presenteres en oversikt over de kjente forekomster, resultater av prøvetaking og analyser, og for enkelte av forekomstene en estimering av forekomststørrelse og gjennomsnittlig koppergehalt. Undersøkelsen gir for de fleste av forekomstene ikke grunnlag for videre optimisme. For en forekomst (Prins Fredrik) er kunnskapsnivået utilstrekkelig for en endelig vurdering. For informasjon om de regionalgeologiske, geokjemiske og geofysiske undersøkelser henvises til rapportene 1560/9A, B og C (Lutro 1977, Krog 1977, Eidsvig 1977).

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