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Occurence 1848 - 310 Skånlandsåsen
(Object Id: 7551)
(Last updated: 07.11.2006)

County: Nordland Municipality: Steigen (1848)
Map 1:50000: Steigen (2030-1) Map 1:250000: Sulitjelma
Coordinate system: EU89-UTM Zone 33
East: 504533 m. North: 7531396 m.
Longitude: 15.1079620 Latitude: 67.8971030
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Resource Type: Carbonates Resource Subtype: Limestone

Raw material meaning: Little Importance (reg. 18.02.2015)

Resources and production
Activity: Mining Reserves:
Operating method: Open pit mining Historical production:

Element/product Crude ore grade or quality Reg. date
Agricultural lime 06.12.2000

From - To Activity Comments
Test mining Company/Institution :Lokal entreprenør?
1998 - 1998 Geochemistry Company/Institution :NGU
1998 - 1998 Sampling Company/Institution :NGU

Era: Paleozoic Period:
Genesis: Sedimentary/metamorphic Form: Layer
Main texture: Banded Min. distribution: Massive (>50 % ore minerals)
Main grain size: Medium grained (1-3 mm)
Strike/Dip: Direction:
Stratigraphic classification of host rock
Era: Paleozoic Period:
Province: Caledonides
Geotec.unit: Rødingsfjell Nappe Complex
Tectonic complex:
Igneous complex:
Group: Formation:

Mineral Amount
Calcite Major mineral (50-90%)
Dolomite Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Mica Subordinate mineral (1-10%)
Pyrite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Graphite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Chlorite Accessory mineral (<1%)
Quartz Accessory mineral (<1%)
Feldspar Accessory mineral (<1%)

Information(s) in free text format
Free text
Lite, nedlagt brudd i en uren grå og utpreget båndet kalkspatmarmor som er middels- til grovkornet. Bergartene i området stryker tilnærmet N - S med fall 60° sør. (Prøve NL-2). Ø98-18. Kalksteinen i bruddområdet er uegnet til bruk som industrikalk.

Sample No. Sample type Miscellanrous
NO0252.1 Bedrock
Comment: OØ 1998-18. Overflateprøve
No. of registrated CaOMgO analyses = 1
No. of registrated oxide analyses = 1
No. of registrated thinsection analyses = 1
NB! All analyse values are shown at the end of the printout.:

Analyse Results
Deposit Area 1848 - 310 Skånlandsåsen

Analysis of acid soluble CaO and Mgo
Analyzed values Derived values
Sample No. Sample Type Acid soluble CaO Acid soluble MgO Dolomite Calcite Unsolved
NO0252.1 Bedrock 49.74% 2.72% 12.44% 82.02% 5.54%

Oxide analyses

( All values are in % )
Sample No. Sample Type SiO2 Al2O3 TiO2 Fe2O3 MnO MgO CaO
NO0252.1 Bedrock 3.91 0.11 0.01 0.11 0.01 2.82 50.81
Sample No. Na2O K2O P2O5 Sum
NO0252.1 -0.10 0.07 0.07 58.00

Thinsection analyses
Sample No.
NO0252.1 Sample Type : Bedrock (Thinsection Id. :Ø98-18)
Description: See Pictures for description

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