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(database for drill cores stored at Løkken in Orkdal).
Drilling area NORDRE FØLSTAD
Area no.:NO0158 in municipality Vågan (1865), County :Nordland (18)
(Code characterizing the objective of the drilling :MALM)

Borehole Core
no. Year Length stored Contractor Comments
BH 1 1957 89.5 m. 89.5 m. NGU-oppdrag nr. 215. Vågan. Følstad Jernmalmfelt Georefereringskommentar: Boret horisontalt i stolle indikert mot øst

No. of boreholes: 1 Sum: 89.5 m. Sum: 89.5 m.

Deposits within the Drilling Area NORDRE FØLSTAD.

From the Ore Database.
number Name Importance Resource type
1865. 006 Nordre Følstad Not classified/evaluated Ferrous metals(Fe, Mn, Ti)

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